Thursday, 21 April 2011

Download Password Stealer : Hack Accounts | Hack Facebook | Hack Gmail | Hack Paypal

Hi friends I hope you all are fine, After as you all know that my site providing you " FUD Keyloggers " . And today I have another tool which according to me is one of the best hacking tool then keylogger also, that is password stealer. It will steal all password from any web browser as well as will steal product keys and much more. Just read on..

Download Password Stealer : Steal Or Hack Accounts Instantly

What is Password Stealer?

As the name indicates " password stealer " is a hacking tool that will steal passwords from the victim computer without his/her knowledge. It will steal all passwords from internet explorer, firefox , opera , google chrome and even from anywhere. It even steals product keys. Thus you can hack any account that victim is using. You can even hack bank account if victim is using that.

Feature of Password Stealer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Dial Up
  • Most of Messengers (Msn, YM, Trillian, etc)

Screen Shots of Password Stealer

How to use password Stealer?

1. First create new gmail account specially for password stealer.
2. Now Download password stealer for free
3. Extract that rar file to desktop ( just drag and drop the folder )
4. Open that password stealer and give the information
5. Give Gmail usename and password created in step 1
6. Now click on build. And it will create the server.exe
7. Its not Fud so just refer my previous post and downloader " FUD crypter "
8. After that use Iexpress binder to decorate the spy crypter virus
9. Send that spy password stealer virus created to vicitm and ask him to run it.
10.Done ! You will get all password from victim in just 5 min to the gmail account.

File Information:-

Name:- Ref Password Stealer v1.2 By TRICKS4INDYA

Size :- 1500 Kb

Provided :- Free Ware By TRICKS4INDYA

Password :- TRICKS4INDYA

Enjoy the password stealer and donot forget to comment.

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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we are gettig the usernames not the password once check it and update..plz

Hi... I am also getting the usernames only.. passwords are still missing..

try it again its working.....


u do any mistake...

can we rename it to other names instead of server.exe?

Well, that's really very helpful dude. I appreciate your concern towards sharing the most useful info.
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What is the benefit in this? Why we want to steal others password?
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well fiextract to rar file they asking for password so pls guide me...

hi......what i do after giving server.exe......?tell me plz

is it real work.......?
plz any 1 tel me that ......its not harm computer progrmimg or any type of virus................?

yaar ek he dikkat aa rahe he ke mere nahi passowrd bhag raha he mail bhagta he passowrd nahi bhag raha he mene gmail id passord corrent dal ke build kiya he ise tab bhi

5. You will come to "Packaged files" interface. Hit on Add and select the two files you want to bind. Hit on Next.

what files should i bind?

does it only steal saved passwords ?????????

i didn't understand the 7 step

I suppose you will continue your same most excellent work and we will get more educational post which can useful to us. Thanks for this

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hey same problem bro...i get only pc name not password....give me any video tutorial


What about this site, does it work, and how to download this please help?

thanks in advance

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